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The God of Dragons beckons you to Scarmonde.

Gather your most trusted and skilled companions, then brave the The Depths to locate each of the Dragon God's Sacred Treasures. Legends say paradise awaits the one who gathers all three, but will you and your band of adventurers be the first to have their wildest dreams become their new reality?

Before departing into The Depths below Scarmonde, you're tasked with assigning each of your nameless companions a Class. There are 12 Classes to choose from, all designed after the classic Knights, Clerics, and Thieves we all know and love.

The Classes you'll be able to mix-and-match to forge your ultimate team of adventurers is as follows:

The Knight.

The Warrior.

The Cleric.

The Mage.

The Thief.

The Monk.

The Paladin.

The Berserker.

The Sage.

The Shadowfiend.

The Bard.

The Dancer.

In this retro-styled RPG adventure, you're immediately thrust into the world and made to fight for your lives! Although the graphics may say otherwise, there's many modern conveniences to aid you on the journey to acquiring all the Sacred Treasures.

This game is being made for anyone who just wants to jump right into a classical RPG experience without any of the thick layers of story and dialogue bogging them down. If you're here, you're here for the gameplay!


Scarmonde VERSION 3.lzh 134 MB

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I did some googling, but I'm afraid I'm not quite sure how to play this software. Is there a particular program I should be using?

All you need to do is download the file above extract its contents into a folder you create on your Desktop (or wherever). Then click the "RPG_RT" file in that folder to play the game!


Perfect, thank you so much! This is exciting!


I love that this game uses DQ's NES graphics and music. I only played a little but I had a ton of fun. Keep up the good work! (and maybe next time use rm2000 so I can really feel like this is a new DQ for the NES hehe)