A downloadable game for Windows

"Heroes of Tsufana" takes us us into the magical world of Tsufana--a place where wizards and dragons reign supreme.

These lands face a grave crisis: Vladimir, a famed Wizard from the prosperous lands of Lispen, has defected, and now wields his magics with a dark purpose. In his quest for an unfathomable dark power, he has cursed the world and its inhabitants, transforming them into monsters and various other forms of demonic entities.

You take control of two siblings from the town of Ziazu. Mysteriously surviving their hometown's collapse under Vlad's curse, they set out with help from a brave knight and a well-renowned sage to end the evil wizard's vile curse and restore peace to the land.


Heroes of Tsufana.lzh 100 MB


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The game looks interesting. I was a bit confused on the archive file, though thankfully 7zip came to my rescue. I've never heard of an .lzh file extension before.

EDIT: At the title screen, it doesn't appear to respond to my keyboard (both USB and laptop).

EDITEDIT: Installed Rm2k3 from Steam and opened it that way, it runs properly through that. I'm sorry I'm being a pain!


That's... weird! Never heard of that happening before. Glad you got it figured out!

probably just Windows 10 not liking RM2K3 lol